A total of 116 people are confirmed dead as a result of Sunday’s tornado in Joplin, Missouri, city manager Mark Rohr told reporters Monday. That means the death toll from the Joplin twister is tied for second most in U.S. history, since the National Weather Service begin keeping such records in 1950.

  • The American Red Cross has set up a page for Missouri tornado and flood relief.
  • The Joplin Red Cross could use some donations. You can contact it at (417) 624-4411 or in order to find out what supplies are most necessary.
  • The Missouri SEMA has set up a donation page.
  • A list of major non-profits that operate regularly in Missouri can be found on the National Donations Management Network website. You can also call (800) 427-4626 for further information.
  • The Missouri Interfaith Disaster Response Organization is taking donations for longterm recovery efforts.
  • The Community Blood Center of the Ozarks is in need of blood — particularly type O. A list of donation sites can be found here.
  • I don’t know if anyone who follows me lives close by, but if you want to help out in search-and-rescue efforts, sign up to volunteer at the United Way Missouri 2-1-1 Storm Recovery site first. Please do not just get into your vehicle and drive around Joplin. There is no reason to take unnecessary risks and a coordinated effort is the most effective way to help. Keep safe, everyone.

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    So where’s Wolverine with the ring?

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    Hellstorm by Alex Lugo

    Some of Daimon’s gear is weirdly Roman. He’s got the horse-drawn chariot, and tridents were used by “net-fighting” Gladiators as a weapon way back when. Maybe it was supposed to give him a “god-like” aspect? But he’s American, so I don’t even know.

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    fyeahghostriders replied to your post: Hey, are you on AIM? If so, i’d like to add you.

    O ok, cool. I’m on most of the day, so if I see you online, I’ll say hi.

    Awesome, thanks! :D

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    @fyeahghostriders "Hey, are you on AIM? If so, i'd like to add you."

    I *just* downloaded it finally a few weeks ago. I haven’t actually used it yet because I generally suck at social interaction, but it would be really cool to talk to you when I’m on! :)

    Bovine BloodBeast is my username (god, I hope that’s how it works)


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    I would kill for a new Midnight Sons line-up including Moon Knight, but I know the last thing Marvel needs right now is another team book. What they DO need is a dedicated supernatural ongoing title of some sort.

    I agree so hard. It seems wasteful of Marvel to leave the supernatural realm for small arcs, minis, events or Doctor Strange alone. No one’s expecting Hellblazer, but they could do so much more. Doctor Voodoo’s series and Cap Britain & MI13 were fantastic books and would have been perfect imo for exploring the supernatural side of things if not for the cancellation hammer.

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    By Jose Johann Jaro

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    fyeahghostriders replied to your photo: More female Moon Knight by Pop Mhan If they’d…

    You should pick it up anyway, cuz Moon Knight is the shit.

    Yeah, you’re right, I should give it a try at least. He’s had some cool guest-stars in past books, so maybe Marvel will bring in some underutilized characters to give him a hand once in a while, too.

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    My great uncle used to go around the country repainting the yellow lines in the middle of highways for a living. I can only think that this is directed at him.

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    Tomb of Dracula #27 (Dec. 1974). Story by Marv Wolfman, pencils by Gene Colan.

    Rachel Van Helsing: Too awesome for her boyfriend.

    (I don’t much like Frank anyway tho, so…)

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